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Throwback To My Minute of Fame


I don't talk about it much anymore, but one of my favorite past times used to be, and still is at times, singing. Most people who know me, already knew that but it's kind of sad that it's not something I really talk about much anymore, when it used to be such a huge part of my life. When I got into Junior High I began writing my own songs. They became somewhat like a memorized journal to me. Music has always been therapeutic to me in that way. I loved writing and wish I still did! Let's just say I've had writers block for the past few years. Ironically, the last song I wrote was about these wheat fields I'm living next to now which you may have read about a few posts back. I used to be able to write songs on the spot though and had probably written over 100 songs, of course, only a handful of those ever made it out to being somewhat decent. Well, when high school ended I got accepted to participate in a show called 'Starbiz' through BYU-tv. It only ever aired once before it got cancelled... what a shame. Haha, it was pretty cheesy but it was a lot of fun! And I was proud of my making it into the top 12 (which was right when it got cancelled). I really did learn a lot from it though. I improved one of my best songs while on the show and created my all time favorite song I ever wrote after learning a few things from the workshops. I made a lot of good friends too which was great. A couple which I still keep in contact with once in a while. A lot have gone on to do great things too, Ellee Duke being probably the most successful out of the bunch. Some of the other contestants you may recognize include Ryan Innes who appeared on The Voice and Tessa Barton who is an awesome photographer and has a great band. I was so grateful for the opportunity to meet and become friends with such great people, but also to learn all the things I was able to learn. I hope singing stays a part of me for the rest of my life and that songwriting comes back too. Music is such a wonderful thing.




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