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Meet Kimberly Anne

Hi! I'm Kimberly Anne, but you can just call me Kim. I am a 31 year old wife and Mom currently residing in Utah.  Learn a little more about me by looking through some of the fun facts below. 

I have two beautiful children, both boys. One is ten and the other is almost eight years old!


I love music. Music was my number one passion most of my life growing up. I have written many songs and been blessed enough to have some of them recorded and produced in the past.


Sleeping is my lot in life. I have a rare and chronic sleep disorder called Idiopathic Hypersomnia. It makes doing even the simplest of things challenging at times, but it doesn't stop me from constantly trying to find ways to manage.


In more recent years I have developed a random interest and hobby in putting together tiny houses and Lego sets. I am basically a child.


One of my favorite things to do with people is play games. I love board games and card games and love discovering new ones between playing the ones I know over and over again.


I am married to a handsome hunk of a man, David Morgan. He is one year older than I am and we have been married since June 18, 2022.


Fun Facts

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