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Feels Good To Write


So I finally wrote a song that I love for the first time in... a really long time. It feels so good and it makes me feel like I can keep writing again. I started to write this new song in Rexburg during last semester and I finished it immediately when I got to California. This song is called "Beautiful Life". It is about appreciating everything in life and seeing the good in it; even during the rough times. It is also about how everything becomes new during the next day and you can always start again and make things better just by looking at things differently. It kind of goes through the analogy between seeing this in life and in nature. The story that flows through this song stems from my Spring semester of 2012 in college when I lived in Rexburg. It wasn't the easiest time and it was really hot where I lived being on the third floor in an apartment with no air conditioning so sleeping wasn't the best either. I would get up really early and couldn't go back to sleep so I would always just go outside to get a breath of fresh air and take a moment. I would notice how pretty and still everything was at that time of the morning. The sun would just be rising, things would be just waking up and even though I was in boring old Rexburg, Idaho, it was still beautiful. Then I would go for a drive because all of my roommates would be sleeping and I felt I just needed to get out for a moment. The drives were so good for me to clear my head and I would listen to music that had to do with whatever it was that was on my mind and it felt good. The wheat fields were so beautiful especially with the sun hitting them the way it would and it was just gorgeous. I would always go until I had gone over the railroad tracks and then keep going until I reached the end of the stretch of road and turn around. Usually, I would always end my drives sitting at the Temple. It was amazing how much of a cure that little routine was for me.

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