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utah website design

As a freelance website designer, I am passionate about creating stunning and professional websites that represent your business or brand. My specialty is designing websites using Wix, allowing for ease of use and customization for my clients. With me, you can expect a personalized approach to website design that takes into account your unique needs and goals.

I began my journey of website design at the age of 14 when I was introduced to a website called "Piczo".


When I was a teenager I would spend countless hours tracking down snippets of HTML code and eventually CSS to make my web pages look the way I saw other's I liked look.


Shortly after graduating high school I began working for my Dad's company, Partners In Leadership and was given the opportunity to work within the marketing department and make regular basic edits to the website and other designs using the Adobe suite.


I have tried many different website hosting and building platforms over the years, but Wix has remained my go-to and favorite for myself and clients due to their robust platform, ability to customize, and ease of use for clients.


I have a General Associates Degree. I began college at BYU-I with the intent of graduating in Website Design, but after having my first son decided to wrap up early.


I have been blessed to have the opportunity to hone in on and develop my skill set around website design in different jobs I have worked throughout the years such as content creation, digital design, and marketing.


Fun Facts

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