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I Love To Sing

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The other day I went over some exercises I still had on my iTunes from Voice Lessons, I was super bummed when I realized I couldn't belt as high as I could before without it hurting and I couldn't go near as high in my head voice. So, I decided I am going to keep doing those until I can get back to where I was because I don't ever want to stop singing, I love it too much and it is too much of a release for me to stop. I recorded this song yesterday because I had been wanting to put this cover up for a while but every time I recorded it, something went wrong. I was so excited when I finally got through it with no mess ups. Then I remember when I watched it over that I shouldn't have done it on my computer because on the big parts the sound quality is awful. But oh well! It was fun to sing again, and I hope you enjoy this cover of Love Song.

(Sorry I'm lame and I can't really play the piano that well so it's with a track.)


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