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Throwback To Europe


My Mom and younger sister are in Israel right now which is really neat. My sister has been posting lots of really cool pictures! It would be really cool to go one day myself, I just wish the flight wasn't so long!

We went to Ireland and England as a family before I entered high school and I loved it but never felt quite myself after that long flight. Flying longer than two hours tends to make me feel sick. Well, the flight to Europe is most definitely longer than two hours... by a lot! So this made for me not feeling so great on our trip - plus the fact that I was just getting over bronchitis at the time.

Despite all of that, going to Ireland and England was such a neat experience and one that I will never forget! So, let's throw it back to Europe through pictures I took while we were there!

An old cemetery in Ireland

Blarny Castle

We got to explore what was like an old Irish village

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben!

Newton walked through here to school everyday

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