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San Diego & Friends

san diego

Happy Monday everybody! I think it's officially summer break for a lot of you, so who is so happy about it?!

During the summer my boys are with their Dad more often. Deciding what to do with my time when they are gone is always a little stressful because there is always so much that needs to be done. Cleaning, planning, working, catching up with people, dating, catching up on life, ect.

But this last week I decided to do something completely different. With summer in the air and the dust just starting to settle from all the life changes, getting away for a few days sounded really nice. So I called up my really good friend and asked her what she thought about going on a trip to California with me. She told me that it just so happened she was already planning to do a trip as a little birthday getaway. When I heard that I knew we just had to go. So we booked a plane, made arrangements to stay at a friend's place and went!

It was a really fun and relaxing trip. We didn't do a whole ton, but honestly, that's the way I like to travel. Haha, I'm really lame. But it was so nice to be able to just step back from every day life for a minute and regroup. We spent some time at the pool, where I got an awesome sunburn which has still NOT gone away, we went to the beach and found some cool seashells to take back home to our boys, and just had a really good time with friends. I'm not usually one for vacationing, but after this trip, I've decided once in a while, it can be really nice.

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