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The Best Mother In The World

baby shower

I could not be more behind on posting this... but I still thought it was worth posting. Earlier this summer I had the privilege of throwing a baby shower for my oldest sister, Katie, with my sweet cousin Sammy in honor of her long awaited baby boy.

Katie is one of the best people I know along with her husband, Ben. They make what I consider to be the ultimate power couple. They could not be more strong and rooted in the gospel; and they are two of the kindest, warmest people you will ever meet. I admire them so much for that. Ever since I was a little girl I looked up to my sister, Katie. She has always had so many amazing qualities and, being the oldest, she was always the first to experience any of the major milestones in life. I feel lucky to have had her be the one to pave the way with such grace through every step in life.

I'll never forget when she went off to college for the first time, it was so exciting because it felt so cool to finally have a sister who was in college... but to be honest, I was probably even more excited that I was to inherit what was once her bedroom. As I took over her room after she went off to Utah for school, I began making it my own the best I could. She still had some items that were left at home. Being the snoopy younger sister I was, I remember looking through her hope chest full of things that had been accumulated since childhood. As I looked through each item, (which, I'm sorry I did that Katie, if you're reading this hahaha), a flood of memories came back from our days in growing up in California. I began to realize as I was actively thinking about it, how lucky I was to have such an incredible example of an older sister in my life. I remembered the many fun times she created for us as younger siblings. Then suddenly, my excitement for a new room was disappeared and was replaced with something I hadn't really felt yet in my young life... I missed my sister. It was different than the way I missed my friends from the times I had moved. This feeling was more like a piece of my life had just gone missing; my example, the person I relied on to follow in her footsteps. Now, not to say no one else in my family was that way, because the truth is every single member of my family has been so influential to me in so many ways. This was simply the first time I had really felt a piece of that missing.

Of course time went on, life went on, and each one of us grew as we experienced life's 'milestones' one by one. So having a sibling or two gone for a long period of time was something, whether it was due to a mission or college, I grew accustomed to.

Now let's fast forward to after I got married. As much as I always loved my sister, I don't know if I could have imagined the kind of friendship we have developed today. Katie has become one of my greatest friends and confidants. And I continue to look up to her in so many of the same ways as I did as a child. As time has gone on, I have seen those amazing traits become amplified through some of life's biggest challenges.

I have watched her, (and Ben), give of themselves so selflessly in the thick of their own trials, show incredible strength in the midst of losing a loved one, and continue on with faith even when all hope seemed to be lost.

And now I have had the pleasure of watching one of the most precious things unfold for them. It has also, once again, amplified one of Katie's greatest traits; being a nurturer and encompassing what a mother should be. She has blessed so many people's lives, been a nurturer and a warm helping hand to so many. Me and my family, being one of them. Now being able to watch her and Ben be able to give of themselves to their own sweet spirit brings so much joy to anyone who knows them.

They had struggled with infertility for many, many years. Tried multiple rounds of IVF. And finally, this August sweet Connor Browning was adopted into their family. So many miracles were involved. So many prayers. But mostly, I believe it was the unwavering faith of two righteous people who have lived their lives in such Christlike ways, that brought this beautiful baby boy to their family. (To read more about their journey and story you can follow the link here.)

I know I could have posted a shorter post and told you about how much fun we had at the shower and all the adorable decorations and gifts. But now that everything has come full circle, I thought it would be nicer to share a part of their amazing story and tell you all about this amazing person that the shower was for. Because at the end of the day, that's what it's really all about. Happy Sunday everyone.



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baby shower




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