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My Favorite Thing


My favorite thing in life is by far the simple moments. I truly do believe they become the most treasured joys in our lives. Lately I've been thinking a lot about one of my very favorite everyday responsibilities, and that's being a mother. Being a mother has blessed my life in so many countless ways, but I think mostly, it's blessed my life in the way it's taught me to be more selfless and prioritize the important things that really matter.

I'm not perfect at this, but I do know I certainly have become a lot better since becoming a mother. We all have to sacrifice in different ways. For me, I've had to learn to sacrifice my time, but mostly my energy. Having a, (now), two year old keeps me on my toes and it's really hard to always interact and go along with the games Everett likes to play rather than get housework done, relax, or sleep the entire time he plays. Most days, okay every day, Everett's nap time becomes my nap time because of how drained I feel, which means my window for getting things done has to fall only after he goes to bed. Then most days it feels like I don't get much done at all.

But the truth is, I get a lot done. I get the most important things done, and I have to remind myself of that once in a while because all we can do is our best. I end the day with a happy toddler who has been able to learn, explore, and most importantly feel loved and taken care of. So even though it doesn't always feel like much, that's the best I really could have to give and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

He loves his big Vermont Teddy Bear

One of his favorite games is still to open and close doors

Chocolate bribery for family pictures

We have a tickle fight at least once a day

He also loves to get in his crib at all times of the day lately

I love how much he loves his Winnie the Pooh

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