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Beauty Products: Influenster Finds

Hello guys! I am back and I promise I have not forgotten about this blog! I have been filming content and coming up with some really exciting ideas for this blog, so be on the look out in the next few months as some of these things start to take place!

For today's post, I did a little video on some of my favorite beauty products... Influenster edition. These are a few of the products I got from Influenster over the last six months that have become some of my favorites. All of the ones featured in today's post are Maybelline New York. I absolutely love these products, and would not recommend anything that I don't actually like. What I love is that they are great quality, and they are affordable.

The other thing I wanted to mention with this post, that I kind of touch on in the beginning of this video, is that Influenster in itself is amazing. It's a fantastic app for bloggers and influencers to review products they've used and potentially get entered into receiving different VoxBoxes to review different items. These boxes generally will have a theme or a brand and they give samples or even full products to try out, review, and share your thoughts about. It's really simple and it's a great way to try new things, *for free*, as well as kickstart some "sponsored" like posts, if that's something you're interested in. It works great for those who even have a big instagram following as well.

So, there's that! I apologize to anyone who saw my Instastory last week where I said I would be posting this vlog later that night and, well, it just didn't even happen until now. But I did it, I got it up, and I hope you enjoyed it! I will be posting the part two with my other favorite beauty products that are not Influenster related within the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout!

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