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Target Missed Me

Hey ya'll! You may have already seen, but you're looking at your newest member of LikeToKnowIt! What does this mean exactly? Well, if you have a LikeToKnowIt account - any time you like one of my pictures on Instagram, if I have anything linked, those links to those products will go straight to your inbox. It also makes it really easy for me to share my favorite products and things with you guys through my blog. You can learn more about it by watching the video below or by heading to this page.

Well, today I caved. I went to Target. I know a good portion of you can empathize with how dangerous that can be. It's like the minute I get in there I see the dollar section and then it just goes downhill from there. But in all fairness, I did get everything on my list... and maybe just a few extra things that weren't on my list. Anyways, I thought I would share with you some of the things I got that I am excited to try out. As well as something else I got a while ago that I've been using to let you know what I think.

kendall jenner whitening pen target

Okay, so this whitening pen by Kendall Jenner. I got it about a month ago and have been using it regularly since. And it's actually really awesome! I was a little skeptical but thought if it did work, it would totally be worth trying. My consensus is yes!! I've noticed a difference and I love how simple and quick it is to use.

kendall jenner whitening pen target

target finds

These are some of the goodies I got while I was out today that I am excited to try. I'll let you know how it goes and what I think about each of them. I'm really excited to try out the lashes. Lashes are something I have only starting doing recently, and now that I'm getting the hang of it, I'm starting to try out different kinds and different brands to see what I like best. I'm also really picky about chapstick and I've been on the hunt for the right one - so we'll see how I like this one from EOS. Then as for the razor, I just needed a new one and I'm not going to lie, it was the packaging that drew me in.

flamingo razor target

eylur false eyelashes target


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