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As of Late

I don't know what happened... but somewhere in our move I lost my camera cord for my nice Nikon. Well. Today a miracle happened. I found some adapter thing that you can put your memory stick into. Lucky for you, (or not), that means I FINALLY get to do my update post with all the missing pictures... or maybe I'll just do a few installments posts.

partners in leadership

California was great and we had a really good time. I really gained an appreciation for my Dad's company and everything it's about while we were there. They have really great content, award winning content in fact, so if you haven't, check out Partners In Leadership.

We have now been in Idaho for a little over a week and things have been crazy. I've been trying to sell a bunch of our junk and it's been working! Which is awesome, but it's pushed me behind on some of the other things I would like to get done. Slowly but surely, things are getting done though... and the more things that are done, the better things feel. It was also really helpful to have my mom here for the first couple of days to help with Everett and to have family help with the unpacking. 

General Conference was great, as usual! It always seems to come when I need it most. I just wish I was more alert and less tired from all the unpacking. 

In other news, I dyed my hair. It was my first time... in my mind. The only other time I got it died you couldn't even tell. My good friend is an amazing hair stylist and so she did it for me and she did such a good job! I was so scared because it is a big change but I LOVE it! It's fun to have a change too. 

For the rest of the updates, I'll just add captions to my millions of pictures. Be looking out for more posts for the rest of the pictures too!

california catering

partners in leadership event

123 lightroom presets

delicious granola

california event

breakfast bar

high end dessert

great food utah

the fab four

california barry bonds house

leadership culture accountability

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