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20 Things to Expect in 2020

I am so excited about the new stuff I have coming for my blog this year. To begin with, my gorgeous friend, Bri, and I went out earlier this week and took some pictures! She is so talented and it was so fun... and cold... but mostly fun.

20 things in 2020 life by kimberly anne

If you're new around here, blogging is something I've always really enjoyed and have done for a long time, but never really successfully kept up in a routine way. Now, that's not necessarily the goal, but it does make it a lot more fun.

So this year I want to try to keep up with it a little better and this is one way I can think of to help hold myself accountable. I have a lot of ideas, (some of which are already in the works), and I wanted to share with you all 20 things you can expect to see from me in 2020.

Please feel free to comment below and leave me suggestions of anything else you would like to see. I would love to know what kinds of things you all have enjoyed reading/watching and if there is any kinds of things I haven't shared that you would like to see.

20 things in 2020 life by kimberly anne

No. 1


I think this is one I am the most excited for right now. I often get questions on where I'm living and where I am when I post in my Instastories and other social media posts. The answer to that would be, my parent's. They have put so much work into renovating their home for the last three years and I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts, each featuring different areas or rooms of the home. I haven't decided yet if I want to do these in written posts with photos or in vlog format... I'm very open to suggestion on that. Maybe a mix?

No. 2


This last year I've really gotten into makeup a lot more. A big part of that is because of discovering how much I love Senegence products. Now, I am technically a distributor, but I honestly just LOVE the products. BUT, I figure, I want to do makeup tutorials and show off these products I love anyways, and at least for now if you're interested you can order directly through me. But this is more just something fun that I love to share.

life by kimberly anne list of 20 things

No. 3


Along the lines with the above, I love sharing things I get excited about. Now yes, I'll add the disclaimer, affiliate links will be added where possible, but just know that's not the goal here, hence nothing ever really comes of it. I just truly love sharing with others things I have found that I love that make my life easier or that I just love.

No. 4


Confession. I don't cook. Like ever. It's been a really bad habit in the making and it's one I really need to stop. I actually enjoy it... sort of. I enjoy eating is what it is, and the satisfaction of knowing that pretty much anything I make when I do make things, turns out dang good, (just saying). But this year I want to really try out those recipes I have all pinned, bookmarked, saved, etc. and maybe sharing them will help motivate me.

No. 5


In my previous blogs I would talk a lot more about my sleep disorder that I deal with. I really haven't lately, but it's something I still deal with on a day to day basis that I'd like to share a little more of.

No. 6


So excited to continue sharing my old original songs this year!

No. 7


Something I have touched on, but never really gone into full depth about is dealing with anxiety and depression/mental health in general. The times I have spoken about it or written about it, I've never regretted and have found it to help others and even myself. This is something I would like to touch more on this year.

No. 8


Along with mental health, emotional trauma is a topic I've begun diving into this last year. It is also something I would like to continue having a discussion about.

No. 9


I really don't do enough of posting about my life now as a single mom. I'm gonna start doing that :)

No. 10


Hopefully lots more new pictures to come because pictures are fun!

life by kimberly anne list of 20 things

No. 11


These two little cuties. I want to start posting more about them again. Even if it's just cute little stories once in a while. These two are adorable and hilarious. Some of the things that go on in their day to day just need to be shared.

No. 12


If you didn't know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is a HUGE part of my life. And while I often bring in spiritual related material into my blog, I would love to share more about my church and the gospel.

No. 13


Posting about work life, tips when it comes to website or blog design, projects I've done, ect. will be coming soon!

No. 14


I have a couple of collaborations that I will be posting about very shortly, and then who knows, maybe a few more throughout the year?

No. 15


Of course it wouldn't be a blog by Kimberly Anne without a few covers every now and again.

No. 16


Fashion is another subject I used to post more about in my previous blogs. I think it's because there are so many people posting about it, and I know I'm not an expert... but here's the thing... I still love it, so I'd love to share what I love about it with you!

life by kimberly anne list of 20 things

No. 17


This one really just comes down to me not posting enough about the day to day, which I'm going to try to do more of. Posting about work life and motherhood will definitely go hand in hand with this.

No. 18


I would love to get some guest posters on here once in a while. I have a few in mind, but if you or anyone you know would be interested, please let me know. You can just fill out the form on my contact page.

No. 19


Wow. I hesitate even writing this because that is how much I resist anything "health" related. But it is time. I need to get healthy. So join me as I begin this year, whenever that may be this year, as I struggle and make a fool out of myself as I begin to try and exercise and... eat healthy...

You can tell I'm REALLY excited about this one can't you?

No. 20


I think there is something so valuable in learning from other people. I think that's why blogs and bloggers have grown into something that can potentially become very successful, (not necessarily the goal here, just making a point.) In blogging we share experiences, tips, thoughts, life, and things we are passionate about. And there are blogs out there people love and people read and keep up with because they are gaining something from it. I often have so many questions or feel so overwhelmed with things that I know other people have lots of experience and knowledge with, so I would love to do some posts basically talking through some of those things and getting suggestions from YOU. Then being able to compile those things and put them into a post so others can learn from you too.


life by kimberly anne 2020

If you made it this far. You are a saint. Truly.

2020 has exciting things to come and I'm looking forward to it. Let me know in the comments what other things you would like to see more of or things that you haven't seen at all from me yet that you would like to.


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