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It's Almost May...

Can anyone else believe it's already almost May?! I seriously cannot. I don't think I'll ever get over how quickly time continues to go the older I get.

I am super happy for the warmer weather and the beautiful greenery around me. My parents planted tulips for the spring and they have been absolutely gorgeous! And now all the other landscaping is in the process of getting done which is exciting. The boys and I have been going to the park most days after school and they love it. We also love to play on what they call "Papa's park", aka, my parent's playground. We have so much fun on the "mommy and me swing". It's a swing where an adult can sit on one side and swing and the other side is a baby swing. So Carter and I use that one and then Everett will go on the big kid swing next to me while he tries to grab my hand so we can all swing together. My favorite part though, is probably that Carter HAS to have music playing while we are out there swinging... and I love it!

Both boys started swim lessons the other week. Everett has been doing incredible! He's so brave every time he gets in the water and is already a little fish. If you've watched my InstaStories, then you know he also loves to wear goggles and a snorkel. And it's hilarious! He's gotten really good at using them. I've also been impressed that he's already swimming a bit on his own. Now, Carter on the other hand, was unbearable to watch. So much so, that after the second day I decided to take him out of swim lessons. I'll probably give it another year before having him try again, he's just so little still. It was so heart wrenching to watch him struggle in the water and not be able to grasp closing his mouth when going under the water and trying to figure everything else out with his glasses.

This last weekend we got to go with my family to the Tulip Festival. It was an event getting there, but all in all it was really good and fun to be with everybody.

It feels like every week there is something new and life is just moving full speed ahead. I'm trying to keep up. Things have been incredibly busy and a bit chaotic, but we are loving this crazy life.

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