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A Safe Place


For starters, I apologize for missing a whole week of my blog! Things have been crazy and just haven't seemed to slow down.

Today is Sunday though. A day of peace, a day of rest. I love Sundays. It's the perfect day to reset for the new week ahead. In my faith, we attend church every Sunday--and each Sunday we partake of what is called the Sacrament. I love that no matter where I go in the world or how crazy life gets or how many changes take place all around me, that always stays the same. I think that's why it's safe to say that I feel the happiest when I am at church. It's a constant I need in my life and it always has something I need. I will never forget when we first moved to Vermont feeling like everything was so different. We were without a car for two weeks and unable to attend church or go anywhere for that matter. I was in my first trimester of being pregnant with my first and so far only child and felt very out of my element. Being all the way on the other side of the country away from my family, away from everything familiar, was hard. When we finally had our car and were able to attend church for the first time in Vermont I remember being so excited.

FINALLY! Something I knew what to expect, something safe, something happy, something peaceful. It hit me when it came time to sing the sacrament hymn that our church and the gospel is never changing. God is always there. He reminded me that despite the fact that I was on the other side of the country in that unfamiliar place, He was still there and always had been and always would be.


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