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Getting Good

I know, I have been more MIA than ever in the last couple of months. I've barely even been on social media compared to what I usually am, for better or for worse. But a lot of things have been keeping me busy and a lot has been going on. Good things. FINALLY good things! Can I get a 2020 amen on that?!

There is a lot I want to do, content I want to create, and things I want to post about; but I thought I'd just start by doing a little life catch up. So here's the latest:

1. the stranger on my instagram

The stranger making sudden appearances on my social media lately, (when I have decided to post), is in fact the person I am dating. He's amazing... long distance sucks, but he makes it worth it. Plus, he surprised me a few weeks ago and came out to visit and it was the cutest thing ever. I just about died. We hadn't seen each other since January and besides when we began to talk again late July, had stopped talking to each other around April, (simply because... well distance sucks). So having him come surprise me after talking for endless hours each night was the best thing ever. Even made a little summed up TikTok version you can watch here.

2. bridle up hope

I recently switched from social media intern at Bridle Up Hope to Communications Manager. It has been SO fun. But it has been SO busy. I truly love everything I am doing though and I feel so passionate about our mission at Bridle Up Hope and Pink Horseshoe. This has been the main source of my time and energy, but it's been a blast! Amongst the many things I have been working on since taking on this position, some of the things have included the Drive In Movie Event with America's Kids Belong, where I made all the print graphics and was in charge of social media coverage, (step and repeat, banners, etc.), creating the social media strategy and assets for HopeRaiser and Raise Hope Week and posting, social media coverage for an influencer brunch and photoshoot with Lost Boys Marketing, and some other things in between to name a few.

3. momming

We're just going to pretend like Momming is a word for a moment. But I have been trying to keep up with my most important role as a mother. The boys are in school which is so helpful and not to my surprise, they are thriving in it. I just keep praying each day that school doesn't revert back to distance learning. It amazes me how grown up the boys are seeming. Everett is getting so good at reading and is so interested in it now. He's also always creating or making something which I love. Carter is as cute as can be with his insanely fun, (although sometimes difficult), personality. He loves being with his brother and my favorite thing to do with him is read stories at bedtime. He also loves getting tickled, hiding, swinging, and I am telling you this child has no fear!

Needless to say it's been a lot. A lot of good, but still a lot. So there you go! A nice little overview and a good little photo dump below. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below!

Love you all.

The boys enjoying looking at one of mommy's friend's motorcycles & Carter doing so good at his Montessori preschool with numbers

wedding guest
We went to his friend's wedding in Logan, UT this last weekend and it was beautiful

utah vineyard wedding
I told you all - it's really hard for me to pick just one

wedding guest dress

wedding guest dress

wedding guest dress

I spent way too long trying to decide on a dress for this occasion... you can find most of the options I went through here and here - but for my chosen outfit details - click through the linked products at the end of this post

wedding guest outfits

Sharing a milkshake at Johnny Rockets

I was felt so lucky he go to be there with me for the Bridle Up Hope Drive In Movie Event. We had the best time!

My dream dress... almost kept it but it was a bit much for what I was going for.


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