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Time To Move, Again

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If you didn’t guess from my Instagram post last week, the time has come at last! After two years great support and generosity from living with my parents, my boys and I are ready to take that long-awaited leap and move out to a place of our own. Moving out has been anxiously awaited to say the least. My parents have been a great support and I could not have asked for a better situation to come into when I first came to them after my separation in September of 2018, and later divorce. While I am forever grateful, it is no one’s first choice to live in their parents home for the rest of their life… especially when you have two kiddos in tow. However, the stars have seemed to align and it’s MOVING TIME… again…

For as excited as I have been about being in a place of my own, there is a big piece of me that dreads it. While married, my ex and I did a TON of moving. Moving always came with chaos, stress, and struggle. I felt this the greatest during my last “real” move, at the time of separation. Now, after having been in the same spot for two years, it’s been the longest the boys and I have been in one place since 2016. Needless to say, a nice little break from packing, deciding what to take, deciding what to leave, and just going through the whole process.

Now that it’s time to move again, I want to reflect on some things I’ve learned… since I’m practically a seasoned pro at this point:

Get Help

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While the urge to just get it done and move yourself can seem the most efficient, I promise you, it’s not. There are places out there to help you do that, and believe me, it is a million times more efficient! Local to where I live in Utah, Muscle Men Movers, is a great company that offers a wide variety of different services when it comes to moving. There’s already so much to think about when moving that you have to just do yourself, like setting up the bills, finding an internet provider, getting things organized, and the list goes on. Something simple you can do to take some of the stress and to-do’s off your plate is HIRE MOVERS! It’s worth it! If you are labor moving in Ogden, Utah are there specifically to help you get done has to be done, and do it more effectively. I know for me, now being a single mom and a first-time renter, I would benefit greatly from having movers. I am terrified of dinging walls and not protecting the place properly as I move in, so to have someone who knows what they are doing would help me feel way more confident. Muscle Men Movers provides a truck, pads, boxes, and they offer a host of other things when moving that takes so much of the pressure off.

Don’t Take What You Don’t Need

Another thing I have found really helpful when moving is to resist the urge to be in a hurry and pack up EVERYTHING. Be thoughtful. As you’re going through items while packing, if you know you don’t ever use something, put it in a donate pile, or set it aside to sell if you think it’s worth something. What I love about this is the process is that it’s killing two birds with one stone. As obnoxious as the task of moving can be, decluttering and dejunking can help you to feel like you’re accomplishing more… because you are. Plus, then there’s less to move, and less to unpack.

Organize Smart

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Packing up room by room often seems to make the most sense at first. But I find it helpful to pack based on the layout of the place that I am moving to and where things will go. Coming from my apartment at my parent’s house which is one level, potentially to a place with multiple levels, I am going to want a lot of things organized differently according to that and based off of the added space we are going to have.

Keep Boxes

As someone who has a lot in life to not be in one place for very long, I’ve found this one to be incredibly helpful. Rather than getting rid of all of the boxes and packing material, if you know you’re going to be moving again shortly, keep the boxes! Whether it’s a shorter lease, life circumstances, or a new house being built, having those boxes handy is a great way to stay ahead of the game. This allows you to start packing things earlier than you may have, as the months and weeks die down closer to moving day, you can begin packing things you use the least and have them ready to go.

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I’m no expert, which is why my first suggestion is to hire the experts, but those are just a few things I’ve learned from all of my moves in the past that I intend to apply going forward. Moving requires a lot, but I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that if you are thoughtful and willing to get help in the areas where it can be the most effective, it doesn’t have to be as

stressful as it seems.

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