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Home Reveal: The Guesthouse

Happy Monday! Can anyone else believe we are already almost halfway through February!? Like what!!! Time goes by so fast... it blows my mind.

home reveal guesthouse

Well over the weekend I had the opportunity to do a super fun shoot with Courtney, who is an incredible photographer located in Utah. We got a ton of really cool pictures and I am just dying to share ALL of them with you! But for today, I'll just share the first set we did in MY KITCHEN! That's right! That means this post is part one of the home reveal series for my parent's home.

My parents have been renovating this home for the last three years. The amount of thought and detail that has gone into this house is incredible and it has been so much fun to be able to be a small part of it and watch it as the project has unfolded.

home reveal guesthouse

For reference because this is often what people ask... here are some of the people who have worked and been a part of this project:

Steve Smith | Lakeridge Construction | General Contractor

Joseph Ward | HOMEWARDesign | 3D Design Renderings

Heather Osmond | Osmond Designs | Floral/Foliage Arrangements

The Gueshouse

Welcome to my home... the guesthouse. The guesthouse is a cozy mid-century modern styled apartment that sits above the second garage connected to my parent's home. It's crazy to think that my boys and I have been calling this place home for over a year now! People often ask if my parents built this guesthouse for my boys and I. They didn't, but I think they were totally inspired. My divorce was finalized and I had been living with my parents in their rental home for three months when there home was done enough to move in. So in those final three months of renovating, they did have my boys and I in mind, knowing we would be living here. And for as often as I ache to have my own place, this truly is a great set up and we couldn't be more blessed.

Okay, so let me tell you a little bit about some of the features in this guest house. When you walk in, immediately to your left, you'll see a giant looking "bank tube". Okay, so it's not actually a bank tube, it's an elevator. It goes down, right to the garage and it's my boy's favorite mode of transportation to and from our little apartment. It's nice for unloading groceries and really anything that you would rather not use stairs for... so pretty much everything!

home reveal guesthouse

The layout is open and there is light flooding in from just about every window, which is my favorite part... there's nothing like good natural light. Not to mention the big windows also offer incredible views of the mountains surrounding us.

We have one bathroom that is beautifully tiled from floor to ceiling, that the boys and I share. My bedroom has a door that leads out to all the incredible decks sitting on top of the house. The boys room is just across from mine, and it's actually now just Carter's, because I am a wimp, and couldn't take trying to transition the boys to the same room at night. So Everett now sleeps in the main closet, which is honestly pretty big, and it's quite cozy and cute. He loves it! It's like his own Harry Potter closet.

Other things included in the guest house are cupboards that lift up at zero gravity, the world's coolest fridge, (the Samsung touch screen one), and my personal favorite, the central vac system. My boys and I are so blessed to live here, not only because it's a beautiful place to be, (rent free might I add), but because of the people and resources we are surrounded by. My parents are such a big blessing to us. They are so supportive and we are so blessed!


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