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Goodbye Summer Sunday Look

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Happy, happy Friday! I originally wrote this post write after labor day... whoops. Well, better late than never!

I am so excited to finally get a post up about something I discovered this summer and absolutely fell in love with. I have always been a girl's girl in that I love makeup, clothing, design, and all things aesthetically beautiful. It's funny though because I can also be a lot like my Mom - which is more frugal and making use of what I already have.

Because of that, I have a lot of makeup I really like, but that I use mostly just because I have it. My cute sister has given me pretty much all the makeup I have used for the last few years. She LOVES makeup... even more than I do and always gets the best stuff. So I have never really had to do my own research or bothered discovering what my personal favorite products are because I usually just defer to her and the leftovers she gives me haha.

But then I started following Lucy Scholl, or Lips with Lucy, on Instagram. I originally followed her for her music and her music account but then she started mentioning these beauty products she was using. So I started following her makeup account and she was doing these makeup tutorials using Senegence products. Having getting sucked in and going down the MLM path once before, (after vowing I would never do what), I was not really all that interested - and that fact alone deterred me. However, I really loved what was happening in her tutorials and the products I was seeing. Before I knew it, I realized I had to get my hands on some of it. The first thing being the Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer.

I placed my order and threw in a new gloss and the lipsense color, Bombshell. I had used LipSense before and liked it, but really wasn't crazy about it. But I loved the color and wanted to give it another shot. When it arrived, the CCTM exceeded my expectations. It was exactly what I needed for my face! Something light on its own and a great primer if I wanted fuller coverage. The red cancelling element in it was just as magical as it looked when I saw Lucy using it in her tutorials. I tried my new LipSense color, this time using it the way I had seen it done in the tutorial... the correct way... and man.... it made all the difference! I fell in love with the LipSense product! I am a girl who loves color on her lips all day long and having this beautiful, understated color and having it last as long as it did was such a game changer. But it didn't end there... Lucy had also thrown in a sample of the 3 in 1 Cleanser and moisturizers as well as some samples for the different colored glosses. I loved the different tints the glosses came in but I FELL IN LOVE with the cleanser... and I HATE cleansers. But it felt so good on my face, didn't make me break out, and smelled so good. I was like... okay... I have got to get some of this stuff.

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Then in July there was an incredible discount to become a distributor. Now, as I had mentioned before, I had gone down this forbidden MLM path before, so I was hesitant. I didn't really want to become a distributor and if we are being honest, I did NOT want to be THAT person, trying to make this a thing and start selling to everyone. But I sure as heck wanted the free product that I LOVED and it came at an unbeatable price; not to mention the future discounts it would entail. So I thought, what the heck?! And I signed up!

I was so excited when I got the distributor kit. I got some good samples, a cute binder, distributor materials, gloss, remover, and most importantly a bunch of beautiful LipSense colors. After getting it, the thought of actually selling it did cross my mind... and even though I'm not going to be full force selling these products, I felt like a good way to do it would be to naturally integrate it into my blog. I've always loved sharing products I love on my blog anyways, and I TRULY do love these products! So much so, I may or may not have placed three rather large orders after that initial sign up...

I've tried a lot of the different products at this point and I am so excited to do more posts sharing them and some of the makeup looks I've done with them.

It's been at least a solid two months that I have been using these products religiously now. Like no joke, I've packed away all my other makeup. So I wanted to share one of the looks from earlier this month with you. Keep in mind, when I originally started writing this post, it was a look from a couple of days ago... haha!

It's fall now, but the end of summer was arising when I did it, and it totally still applies. When I did this look it was definitely still hot outside, but there was certainly feeling of fall in the air. So, I really wanted to embrace the transition and did a natural, glowy, golden look.

Leave a comment below if you are interested in purchasing any of the following items... or click on the links to purchase directly


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