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It's crazy how fast time flies and how quickly things change. I am so grateful they have though. My whole life I tried to be the best I could for the day that I found the right person so I could get married int the Temple. Now that I have I look back and I am so grateful for all the steps, all the people that were in my life to get me to that point. It is exciting to see these same people who have made a huge impact in my life do amazing things in their own. I am so happy for Jess who is now serving a mission in Florida, so excited for Krista to serve the Lord in Chili, so happy for Paige who just got married in the Salt Lake Temple, and I am so excited for Susan who is continuing her education and working an awesome job. I love these people and all the others who have blessed my life. I was going through a photo clean up and I found some pictures of my favorite memories. The song below is called Souvenirs and it totally reminds me of those times. It talks about how the memories are our souvenirs. I just love it.

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