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Our Bridals

blake hogge utah wedding photography

Well folks... here we are! My master plan worked and I made out like a bandit with the last name of the man of my dreams! I have been holding off on posting about our wedding because everything about our relationship, our story, and our wedding day is so special to me and I have so many things I want to say but approximately zero time to actually sit down and say them all. So you may be hearing about this for a while, just spread out in fragmented pieces.

For today I'll keep it simple. We got the rest of our bridals back and our wedding video and I am so excited to share them! There were many bumps in the road with wedding planning, but it really wasn't that stressful - perhaps because for as annoying as those bumps were, I would still get my David at the end of it. Our videographer was AH-MA-ZING! I can't even begin to tell you the amount of people who commented on how kind and awesome he was to work with and David and I both share the same sentiment. I am so happy with how our video turned out and have been dying to share it, which is partially why I am just biting the bullet and getting the post out now even though it won't be my best work in regards to writing and getting my thoughts out - ha!

Our photos were done by Blake Hogge who is awesome. Fun fact, we grew up going to the same church and knew each other all through school - it's been fun watching his photography develop over time through social media and I've been continually impressed at the caliber of work he consistently puts out. I've probably known that I wanted to have him do our wedding photos longer than I've known David. And despite the many hiccups to get bridals done - (story for another day, but none of which were at the fault of Blake) - we were still able to do the photos and they turned out beautiful!

All in all, David, the boys, and I are all doing pretty well. Super duper busy so if you don't hear from us or I seem silent on social media it's truly because we just have a million things going on. I am just so grateful I have such an amazing partner to go through those million things with and can't wait for the million more to come! Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of us - we love you all!

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Things to Come:

Our love story, our engagement story, wedding pictures and details linked, wedding vendor reviews, and plans for the future.

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