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Ooby Dooby Baby

Ooby Dooby Baby

Happy Monday everyone! It's a new week and to kick it off I wanted to share with you my most recent collaboration.

I had been wanting to do a collaboration with a company that did baby clothes and bibs. If you've been following along with my blog for awhile you know Carter was always notorious for spitting up and always had to have a bib on. As that is something that is so important for my little guy, I really wanted to find a company that did awesome bibs and share it with you all.

Well, Carter doesn't spit up near as much anymore but these bibs couldn't have shown up at a better time as he's getting his first tooth and drooling everywhere! Ooby Dooby baby, (which is super fun to say), was started by a mom of two little girls. She was dealing with all the drool and came up with these super absorbent bibs.

I've seen a few of these kinds of bibs floating around but when I pulled them out for the first time I couldn't believe how SOFT they were! It was amazing!! Carter HATES clothes and especially bibs, but they are so soft and have the perfect snaps in the back that they don't feel, (or aren't itchy because of velcro), that he didn't even try taking them off once. Such a win! Plus they are adorable.

While I was on Ooby Dooby Baby looking for the bibs, because apparently I'm a shopaholic lately, I had to take a look around at what else there was. We were told by Carter's Early Intervention specialist to keep trying the binky for him and just have one always attached with a clip. But all of ours were long and didn't work well. So I got one from the site and I love that it's shorter and that the tie for the binky is elastic so it stretches.

I also found an adorable robot shirt for Everett and he loves it.

The last thing I got is one of my favorites. I found this onesie that says, 'I am brave, fearless, & strong'. I thought it was so perfect for Carter. He's been through alot this first year of life but he's been a champ through it all.

So there you have it! Ooby Dooby Baby, go check it out.


ooby dooby baby
brave fearless strong
paci clip
robot shirt
baby shirt
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