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Good Riddance, October!

If you know me, you know I have this theory that October's are cursed for me. Don't ask why, I couldn't tell you, but for whatever reason every year things just seem to be a little more difficult in October... hence the title.

This October wasn't horrible though to be honest... definitely some things that happened that have furthered my theory of them being cursed, but I've had worse. How's that for pessimistic ;p

Anyways, I've been watching more vlogs lately which got me thinking it might be fun to try doing again once in a while. So here is the first of the series for this blog, 'Goodbye October' with part 2 coming whenever I get around to putting it together haha. These things take time! So go ahead and give it a watch - you'll see some work updates, halloween stuff, and my first ever haul from SHEIN!


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