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Good Friday

Happy Friday ya'll! Or should I probably say good Friday?!

The sun is shining this morning, it's the weekend, and today is going to be a good day! The weather where I am has been absolutely gorgeous the last few days. The week began with lots of rain, but then the other day it got real nice again. And I think there's just something that makes those sunshiny days even more spectacular after a day of rain.

Today I don't have all too much to share, but if you follow me on Instagram and follow my stories then you know I posted a little snippet of a cover of a song I did. I then asked if I should post the full cover and many of you said YES! Haha, and thank goodness, because honestly, I get so scared posting those polls, like what if someone actually says no... but thankfully I didn't have to cross that bridge because no one voted no.

So now to it, below is the full cover of One Republic's 'All This Time'. I love this song and I actually have covered and posted it many, many years ago but then took it down in one of my 'reboots'. Then earlier this week, when it was raining like crazy, I was in some sort of mood and just sat at my piano and started playing, hoping inspiration would come to write a song... haha, it didn't. But what did come was the muscle memory for the chords in 'All This Time'. I seriously could just sink into that song, I love it so much.

Long story short, I've been playing it all week after rediscovering it and thought I would share it with you all.

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