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Don't Let Me Go

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Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, I've made the switch from Blogspot! I really like the templates that Weebly offers and the nice clean feel it gives. I feel like it suits the needs of my blog better with the different pages I've been adding lately. Anyways, still same blog, same name, same content... new look! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Now.... to our MUSIC MONDAY! I really love doing these, I think they are probably my favorite blog days. Today I've got an oldie for you all in every way. This is a song I wrote back in 2011 after I graduated high school. Everyone knew through high school I was just waiting to get out of that setting and be more independent. I had been planning on moving to California before my first semester of college to work and live with my grandparents but it kept getting pushed back for different reasons. It felt like everything was working against me and like it would never happen. Then when the opporutnity arrose for it to actually happen I started to feel like maybe I wasn't supposed to go and began to be scared that all the people I cared about would forget me and that I would miss all sorts of opportunities. Hey, leaving home for that first time is a scary thought! Well, obviously I made the jump and left and everything worked out great and the way it was supposed to. So, this song is for anyone getting ready to make that next leap in their life, whatever it may be. PS - This recording is from that time too... so it's also an oldie in that way... and I can't sing like that anymore.

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