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Clementine by Design Relaunches!

Custom Wix Website Design | Clementine by Design | SLC, UT

You guys. I can't believe it's actually here!!! I have been working my tail off the last few weeks! In my last few posts I've talked a bit about feeling like I've been in a rut, or just kind of stuck and not really sure what to do now that I am in this phase of life being a single mom. I'm not going to go into all the personal details, but long story short, I finally realized that something I've wanted to do, and kind of half heartedly started to do, is something I need to do.

A big piece of what that something is, includes taking more control of my life by finding my way to independence and self-sufficiency. Now, some of you may know I've had a little side hobby of making websites for people here and there for the last few years. Clementine by Design was something a little more "official" I started up a little over a year ago. And although it was never intended to be a full time kind of thing, life got pretty crazy shortly after and then it just really wasn't a thing at all.

Clementine by Design was started not long after I was accepted into the Wix Arena to become a "Wix Expert". The Wix Arena is essentially a one stop shop for Wix users. They sign up for a Wix website and can then decide if they want to hire a web designer or "Wix Expert" to design their site custom to what they want or get help in other areas using the Wix platform. It's a fantastic way to find clients and for clients to find their designers, but I figured I probably needed my own website alongside my Wix Portfolio. That's when Clementine by Design was created. The name being inspired by cuteness and my own obsession with clementines... not to mention clementines have been a reoccurring symbol in my life of motivation, creativity, and energy.

When I first launched Clementine by Design last year I did a handful of projects that came from the Wix Arena. I was in the midst of my divorce when I had already started on a lot of those projects. That was a time when I was still figuring out what to do and what direction I was going to take in regards to working and being a now full-time single Mom. I originally had planned to do a project here and there on the side while I did part time work for a start up. Slowly the work for the start up became less and less as I lost motivation and tried to focus more on being a Mom and in the meantime Clementine by Design was pretty much completely abandoned for about a five month stretch.

Well today, that stretch is officially over! And I'm coming back with CBD and feeling more motivated than ever and I'm ready to work so hard and really dive in with both feet... and hands... I'm gonna need those to design on the computer ;p

These last few weeks have been crazy but exciting as I've been getting everything ready to take on client projects regularly. It's consisted of managing my leads from the Wix arena, giving CBD a little TLC, figuring out how I want to operate and manage my business, creating new templates, working on new client projects, and putting together a solid work schedule that works for my kids and I.

Everything has been coming together, as stressful as it's been and I am SO pumped to introduce you all to the new and improved Clementine by Design! I have so many great things coming and ideas of how to keep this momentum moving. It's been really fun and empowering to put myself to work and take on some things I didn't think I was capable of.


What does Clementine by Design offer?

1. Any Wix expertise needed - small projects, questions, tutorials, site updates, ect.

2. Beautiful custom websites

3. TEMPLATES!!! Templates are such a great way to go if you are just starting a blog or business and need it to look beautiful but you don't want to spend the money on something custom. The other great thing about CBD templates is that I try to limit the quantity I sell so it can still feel unique to you and your site. I'll be adding new ones regularly so be sure to check back if you don't see something you like. You can also request a type of template!


Clementine by Design Website

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