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Bridle Up Hope

Hello everyone! I have been slacking so majorly on here these last few weeks. Life has thrown quite a few curve balls lately, but I'm still hanging in there and I'm finally back at it today to talk a little bit more about the most recent life update I shared on my Instagram.

Amongst all the chaos, this is one of the only things that has brought me some excitement. If you didn't already see it on Instagram, it's a new job! I recently began an internship doing social media marketing for Bridle Up Hope, The Rachel Covey Foundation, and Pink Horseshoe:

Bridle Up Hope was designed to provide a transformational experience for girls and women, at a time when life has never been harder on them. They face relentless pressure to live up to impossible expectations—to have the perfect body, be skinny, be pretty, be popular, get perfect grades, be athletic, and so forth—which often leads to low self-worth, anxiety, depression, and related challenges. 

Our unique Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) curriculum teaches young women to recognize their inherent worth and potential, and to approach life with correct paradigms of themselves and others. The program combines equestrian training, life skills development, service at the barn, and self-renewal activities, with principles from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People integrated throughout.

Their mission and vision is something that is truly inspiring and I feel so lucky to get to be a part of it in any small way that I can. I only started just over a week ago, but I've been loving every minute of it. It feels so good to be doing something that I feel incredibly motivated about and to be working with people who are so genuine, kind, and driven.

As cliche as it may sound, it has been a glimmer of hope to be working here in the midst of all of this other chaos that has been going on around me in other areas of my life. There is something about being able to do what I love for a cause I am passionate about, while growing in my experience, that has given me the extra boost I've needed. It's also a major bonus that Bridle Up Hope is the most beautiful and serene place to work and is filled with the kindest most genuine hearts.

For as much as I've been complaining lately, (sorry), I feel so grateful that this opportunity came into my life when it did. Be sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook and give them a follow. They have also recently launched the cutest online clothing boutique called Pink Horseshoe, so you are going to want to make sure you are following that account on Instagram and Facebook as well.


On a different note, it has also been fun having something to get dressed and ready for each morning, so I thought I would share one of my favorite work attire outfits with you from last week.

I hope you all are hanging in there. Life is hard right now, for a lot of us, but we're going to make it through. And in the meantime, try not to lose sight of hope because not only are there good things ahead, but if we look closely, we can find blessings that will bring us the hope we need even in the very thickest of these hard times.


work attire

work attire

work attire

work attire

work attire

work attire

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