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All Set to Go With Five Weeks Away

Nursery Reveal

First of all, I apologize for doing another post so quick to my last one. Usually I aim to post only once a week and I changed my blogging day to Saturday instead of Monday... but... here we are and for good reason! The baby nursery is all done and I couldn't wait to share. So, get ready for a picture overload. I am exactly 35 weeks as of yesterday. I can hardly believe it myself, it sure doesn't feel like it. Only 5 more weeks to go, but we have everything all prepared and ready for Everett if he were to come right now, which would be very unlikely but I like to be prepared. To get ready for his room I had to do a bit of rearranging of some things. I got all of my office stuff out of Everett's room and moved some into the family room and some into our room. I am so happy with the way everything has turned out. It looks awesome! Everett's room is a safari theme with a baby blue, pastel green, and a tan/neutral color. We got a more neutral bedspread because first, if we have a girl next we could use it for her too and just pair a pink color with it, and second, because I wanted a pastel green, Steve wanted a blue and so we figured with a neutral color we could use both as accent color's. Anyways, I am really happy with how it turned out and also really happy that we were able to make it look as good as it does without spending a ton of money.


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