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Everett Edwin

As most of you probably already know, I had Everett one week ago from today. He was exactly one month early, born on February 2, 2014 at 5:44 pm. He was 6.2 pounds and 19 inches long. It was incredibly shocking as there really were no signs that he was coming. However, we are so, so glad he is here with us and it has been the best week of our lives.

birth story dilated to a 9

So, let me start from the beginning. My mom came out on Wednesday to be with me for a couple of weeks just so I wouldn't be as alone during the day and to get a hang of the area for when it was time to come out for Everett being born. My parents just had a feeling that she should come out a little earlier to be with me even though she would be going home and then coming back out again. At the beginning of the week I was starting to think I would have Everett late because I was feeling perfectly normal and fine and couldn't believe that he would be here in 5 weeks... I felt like I should have been feeling worse. But, half way through the week I finally began to feel those aches and pains that you always hear about with pregnancy, but it was still very bearable. 

Sunday came and that morning my husband, my mom, and I went to my last childbirth class session with an amazing sister in our ward who has been doing them one on one with us. As church went on I was having stronger contractions than usual that were making my lower back ache, but then again, that isn't saying much considering my contractions before then had never been painful in the slightest. There were some other things that caused me to think maybe I should call the hospital just to check, but, I really didn't think it was going to turn out to be anything.

After all three hours of church, we got home and my mom and husband were telling me I should call the hospital just in case to make sure that everything was fine. I was very hesitant because I felt like I should be in a lot more pain for me to need to call. Finally, they convinced me and I called the hospital and told the doctor on call what was going on. She said that it was very unlikely it was anything but to just come in in case and they would check me. 

It was interesting because none of us really thought it was anything, my husband left his phone at home, I left my "emergency backpack", and we were expecting to be home within 30 minutes. Although I was positive it was nothing, (and a little embarrassed to be going in in the first place), on the drive there I was overcome with a feeling that maybe the Lord knew I needed Everett in my life right now, a little early and I began to get a little emotional. I quickly suppressed those feelings, sure that it wasn't the case and that nothing was going on. 

We got to the hospital and I was really nervous because I felt like I was wasting everyone's time coming in when I didn't even feel like I was having many contractions. When we entered the labor and delivery wing a nurse said to me excitedly, "Are you going to have a baby tonight?!" I kind of laughed and said I didn't know, thinking that really I knew I wasn't. 

birth story dilated to a 9

They then put me in a room where they measured the baby's heart beat and my contractions. I told my mom I was glad when I finally felt one contraction so I didn't feel like an idiot when they came in and found out nothing was happening. I was in there for about 30 minutes when the doctor came in. She checked to see if my water had broken and it hadn't. She didn't say anything about the contractions and then went on to check to see if I was dilated at all. When she got done checking I was ready for her to say I wasn't dilated at all and to go home. She then casually said I was dilated to a nine, 100% effaced, having contractions 2 minutes apart, and that the nurse should get ready to put me into a labor and delivery room immediately.

At first I didn't understand what she was saying and then when I did I asked he if she was joking and she said no. I still didn't believe her. The next thing I knew I was being helped over to the other room where I would have my baby. I was in shock and could not stop shaking. I kept thinking I didn't have enough time to process everything and that I was already at a nine so I would probably be delivering very soon. My husband and my mom got teary eyed and began calling family members. I was trying in my head to slow everything down but of course, that was not possible... I was going to be having Everett that night.

Originally my plan was to wait till I was in enough pain that I would be begging for the epidural. But then I found myself dilated to a nine and I was in no pain at all and I knew that I couldn't wait any longer to get it. I wasn't sure what to do so I asked the nurses if it was even worth it and they said if I wasn't in any pain at the moment I probably wouldn't need it. So, I decided not to get it. I'm not sure how long it was before they broke my water but all up to that point the nurses calmed me down and I finally stopped shaking from being so in shock. We just talked and laughed and slowly I could feel my contractions get a little stronger. 

The doctor came in and broke my water and after that I could feel the contractions get even stronger. They were still bearable and I was still talking to my husband and mom. Some were painful but right after they were done the pain went away. Then, at one point I was texting my sisters-in-law back and the painful contractions were not going away. It was at that moment I finally understood how painful contractions really are. I couldn't sit still, I couldn't stand up, it just seemed that no matter what I did that pain was not going to go away. I think I even asked at one point if I could still get the epidural even though I knew the answer was no. 

Shortly after that I began to deliver Everett and it was such a special moment. It was the best feeling to finally be able to hold him in my arms after spending an amazing almost nine months with him. I was again overcome with that same feeling I had before that the Lord was aware of my needs and knew that I needed my little boy at that moment. I felt and still do feel so grateful. 

Anyways, to make this super long story a bit shorter we ended up staying at the hospital until Wednesday afternoon which conveniently ended up being like the biggest snow storm all winter which made it incredibly nerve racking to drive home in. Despite the storm and bad roads we made it home safely and have been enjoying our time with Everett ever since. People from the ward have been so generous and nice bringing us meals and wishing us well. We really do feel so grateful.

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