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A Look Back at My Summer Love

So on my desktop I have this folder for my blog inside it has blog posts that I want to do. For a very, very long time now I have had this one folder left for a post called "fashion" that I really wanted to do because over the summer I regained my love for it. Well, I'm not really as interested in it as I was anymore because now I am pregnant and the thing that seems more interesting to me at the moment is just being comfortable. However, I can be OCD at times and it's really been bugging me that I haven't been able to clean up and get rid of that folder, so here's to that post!

california fashion

It's really interesting because I have always loved fashion and had an interest in it but it seems to happen in spurts. Like a few months ago, in the spring and summer, I was way into it again, but as I said before, now, being pregnant, it just doesn't seem to have that same appeal as it did before. So here are some pictures I took from a few months back in ode to those days when I was really loving it and some explanations why I loved/love those things.

california summer pool hat

fashion jewelry

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