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Three Ways To Make a Cute Wardrobe On a Budget

Happy Little Shopping Secret


Cortney is the owner of the fashion deal blog, Happy Little Shopping Secret, a place where women can come to find the best deals in fashion, home, and cosmetics.


Hello All! My name is Cortney Agren, I'm a twenty-something year old blogger who is all about building a beautiful closet on a budget. That's basically the dream, rigggghhhtttt? I'm all about appealing to young mothers and college-aged women who are in the stage of life that really makes them strapped for disposable income. This is how my blog, happylittleshoppingsecret, was born.

Kimberly and I met a long, long time ago when we were in a freshman math class together, so it has been fun to see our lives evolve! (Especially now that we are blogging! It's a great way to keep up with each other).

Anywaaaay, I basically live by these rules below. So, stick with them and I promise you will be such a pro at finding deals, as well as making inexpensive finds look expensive.

1. Mix more expensive things with your best inexpensive finds.

On any given day, you can find me with a $10 cardigan paired with a Kate Spade purse, wearing $15 jeans from Old Navy. It all just depends. The next day, I could pair an Anthropologie shirt (always bought on sale!!) with the same Old Navy jeans and a pair of boots I saved up for. This is a good way to make those inexpensive parts to your wardrobe look more expensive. I always save up for things that are nicer designer quality for two reasons: they last longer and they mean more. You can always buy certain brands on off season for a better deal!


You're probably thinking... how will this making my wardrobe cuter on a budget? Nothing is classier than a crisp outfit!!! Literally! I was just at an advertising conference at the best outfit were the sleek and crisp ones. Invest in a great iron.. or my favorite AN AWESOME STEAMER. Those things are game changers. Nothing throws my day off like having a wrinkled shirt. 🙄 Check this one out here.

3. Follow the deals

You can be on budget if you don't know about sales! This is important. A lot of people I know are buying things just on sale. You can get things more than just "off the sale rack". I have gotten things from Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Saks Fifth Avenue, and more for 75% off just because I was in the know. Girls... sign up for the emails. Literally, make an account for just the emails and then sort through them. You can even follow my blog because I'm all about posting the sales. (It's basically my job).

These are just a few tips! Thanks again to my friend Kimberly for having me. If you enjoyed this post come check me out over at happylittleshoppingsecret!

happy shopping,




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