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by Kimberly Anne encompasses all aspects of my creative passions. Music is my first love, but my website has given me the platform to expand my creative horizons and touch on other outlets important to me. I'm so excited to share my brand and everything that comes with it. I offer a unique selection of curated finds in my online shop, beautiful website design services, and inspiring personal blog content. Follow me on this journey of creativity, positivity, and growth.


Welcome to by Kimberly Anne, where passion meets skillset in various ways. As a personal brand, by Kimberly Anne offers a broad range of services to fulfill your needs. Whether you are looking for a great read, a website design that stands out, or are searching for different music, by Kimberly Anne is here to help. Explore each of the offerings by Kimberly Anne to learn more.

About Kimberly Anne

As a wife and mother of two, life can get pretty hectic. On top of that, I have a rare sleep disorder that challenges me on a daily basis. But I’ve learned to take those challenges in stride. I’m someone who is fueled by creativity, and I always find a way to achieve what I set out to do. Being a mental health advocate is also very close to my heart. I strive to bring awareness and support to those who struggle with mental health issues. If you’re looking for inspiration, I hope to be that for you.

Kimberly Anne Morgan Engagement

The OG of the by Kimberly Anne brand- the blog. Over the years, this platform has evolved and gone by different names, but it has always been the heart and soul of my personal brand. Join me as I explore the challenges of daily life with a chronic sleep disorder, share my journey of recovering from toxic past relationships, and discuss all things mental health. Together, we can learn, grow, and overcome obstacles that stand in our way.


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Get a custom website design that's tailored to your business needs and style with my freelance services. I'm here to help you build your online presence and grow your brand. Using the Wix platform, I create beautiful and intuitive designs that are easy for you to manage and update. I also provide marketing, content creation, and social media management services to help your business thrive in the digital world.


I truly believe music is a universal language that connects us all. As a songwriter, I love sharing my original music with others to inspire and connect. From the melodies to the lyrics, each piece tells a unique story and has its own special meaning.


At lbka Shop, I’ve created a collection of products that reflect my personal style and passions. From children's toys to clothing, every product has been thoughtfully selected to help you create a home and life that you love. Shop our selection of hand-picked items, and find the perfect addition to your collection.


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