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Show Up Utah

Project Type

Print Design


Alpine, UT


April 2021


Contracted Digital Designer

Yesterday’s event was such a neat thing to be a part of. Designing banners, step and repeats, and signs was such a small part of what went into a beautiful launch, made possible by the hard work of so many others.

Even bigger than the event itself, having the opportunity to learn about Utah's First Lady, Abby Cox's four initiatives, in the launch of Show Up Utah was inspiring. Seeing so many great causes work and come together to educate, serve, and inspire, was incredible.

I think it’s safe to say that things going on in our world have been hard on most everyone. We’ve all been impacted by the pandemic, we are all trying to navigate an ever changing social and political climate, and beyond that, we all have our personal battles we face. I’ve worked with so many incredible people who each have incredible stories, ideas, services, products, etc. that they are contributing to the world.

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