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Tiny Miracle


This week I had my two-week incision check up, (even though it’s really been three weeks). When the doctor who had performed my C-Section came in, he told me he had been thinking about me and wondering how Carter and I were doing. He went on to tell me that as a doctor he only sees about a handful of deliveries a year where it’s a situation that they are so glad the mom came in right when she did because if not, the outcome could have been very different if she came in a day or even just a few hours later.

I had been thinking about this a lot, myself. How could I not? Carter’s birth experience put things in a totally new perspective for me, one that’s been hard to wrap my head around.

The doctor continued to tell me that when they hook a mom up to the monitor and sometimes see the baby’s heart rate is a little high; they normally expect that it will come back down. He told me that just wasn’t happening for Carter and that he was starting to worry when he saw his heart rate was just getting worse. That was something I hadn’t really known the extent of in that moment.

I think that’s what has been so hard to wrap my head around with this whole experience… I could tell things were serious and that if they weren’t taken care of we could be at high risk. But the reality is we were so close to loosing Carter, especially if I had waited to go in even a few hours later. I was close to being in a lot of danger myself. But that’s not what happened.

We got to the hospital just in time. Carter arrived safely. I was okay and am recovering normally, (well as normal as a C-Section will allow). Carter is perfectly healthy. He was able to come home really quickly. He is eating really well. What happened was a miracle.

This pregnancy was really hard on me emotionally and physically, but looking back I can see even more little miracles that helped prepare me for what ended up happening in the end. I’ll never forget the second time I had gone into the hospital, early on in my pregnancy, and feeling like maybe he wasn’t going to be born that night but that I needed to go in anyways. It was a weird feeling because I felt like perhaps the reason for those feelings of needing to go in were solely for the purpose of preparing me to act right away when the time came that I had those feelings again when I really did need to go in.

All I can say is, even through the hard times, we have a loving Father in Heaven who is looking out for us and protecting us, even if we can’t see it. We may not recognize it all the time, but little miracles are happening every day, even if certain things aren’t going the way we had planned. I am so grateful every day that our family was blessed. I’m grateful for loving family members. And I am grateful for the many miracles that surround us every day.

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