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Sale Alert! Modcloth

It's a beautiful day, and it's gonna be a great one. Wanna know why?? Okay, I'll tell you. My kids get to go back to their Montessori school for the summer session... queue happy tears... for both me and the boys.

Okay, but the real reason it's gonna be a great day for all of you is that there is a sale going on over at ModCloth and you can use the code JUNE15 to get a 15% discount. I LOVE Modcloth! They always have super cute clothes, shoes, swimsuits, and accessories. The quality is great and the price point reasonable, and they are always having awesome deals. I'm also going to add a little plug here for Rakuten - where you can get 1.5% cash back when shopping on Modcloth through Rakuten. If you haven't heard of or used Rakuten... you need to. It's a game changer, especially if you are already primarily an online shopper like I am.

The other day I spent way too long scouring the Modcloth website... pinning, saving, and adding my faves to cart. Lucky for you, I have rounded up some of my favorites out of those and linked each of them below. Many of them are on sale, AND make sure to use that code above to get an additional 15% off. I've chosen things that I would get, (probably will get in the near future), as well as things that are similar to certain outfits I already have. Another thing I have done is tried to choose pieces that can be used multiple times with other pieces. This is a great money saver when shopping and a great way to plan out outfits. You don't need a ton of things in your closet, just the right pieces that can be versatile enough to switch up with other pieces. Oh, and let's not forget the swimsuits. Because I am actually incapable of not constantly being on the hunt for those.

modcloth outfit ideas

Please note you will need to "right click" the image and click 'Open Link In New Tab'

In the meantime, I'm working on fixing it :)


More Favorites from ModCloth

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