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Big Boy

big boy

I seriously cannot believe how big Everett has gotten so quickly. This year has gone by way too fast. I love this sweet boy more and more every single day. He is so special and I wanted to do a post to remember how he is right at this moment just because at this age he is constantly changing.

9 Months Old

Nicknames: Big Boy (daddy loves to call him that), Retters (not as much anymore), Sweet Boy, Mr. Everetter, Mr. Smiley (Grammy called him this a lot), Mr. Everett (Grandma 'Gigi' calls him this a lot), Mr. Chubbs (for Aunt Mary)

Eye/Hair Color: He has the most beautiful deep blue eyes that honestly do sparkle. When he looks at you it's like he is looking into your soul. His hair color is becoming more of a blonde but it does still have some red in it so I am going to say Strawberry Blonde

Food: Mama's milk of course, but he has started LOVING banana's. He will eat a whole one, (cut up), within like 10 minutes. He also just loves food. If you keep feeding him, he will eat. He really loves his puffs, he likes all of his purees, and he has really just liked anything we have given him. He also really likes water.

Milestones: He is crawling!! It's a blessing and a curse. He is so curious, as all babies this age, so he loves to crawl over to the things he shouldn't be getting into. BUT, now he can crawl over to me so he doesn't have to tell me to come get him. He also says some words, I am not sure if he knows exactly what they mean though. He can get up on his knees really easy and sits up so good. Sometimes in the morning it is so cute when I come into his room and he is just sitting up in his crib.

Words: Mama, Dada, Baba

Loves: PEOPLE! He really loves people! He will honestly stare people down until they look at him and when they do he will give them the BIGGEST smile. It is so sweet. He loves to bounce. If you hold him chances are he will start doing it himself. He loves to laugh and smile. He loves to play. He LOVES his baths. He loves food. He loves his mama and daddy and grandparents... and just family in general.

Dislikes: Being changed, not being able to play with the things that can hurt him or break, being taken away from his mama.

Personality: Sweet. That is the best word I can think of to describe him. He is always smiling and loves to make people feel special with the way he smiles at them and looks at them. He is also very playful, and loves to make noise. He loves bouncing to rhythms and playing on the piano. He thinks it's hilarious to scream. He loves to use his voice in all different pitches and tones. He just loves life.

Places: This baby boy has done so much traveling and has been the best sport about it all! We have never had a bad experience on an airplane with people complaining or giving us bad looks because he just makes everyone around us fall in love with him. His sweet disposition has even gotten us some nice upgrades on our trips. Anyways, here are all of the places he has been in:


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

New Hampshire

Boston, Massachusetts

Detroit Michigan (Airport)

Atlanta, Georgia

Miami, Florida (Airport)






That makes for 12 places, 6 trips, and 20 flights in the nine months Everett has been here on earth.

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