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Tired Eyes

Project type

Original Song


September 2019


Salt Lake City, UT

This song is so special to me for a lot of reasons - I'll save that for another post. Music and writing is something that has always played a huge role in my life. I've discovered it is a necessity for me.

When I was in the thick of some really difficult times, music became very much a background player for a long time. It was still there, but the creative aspect of it was gone. Writing felt impossible. As I numbed myself to the pain and reality of what was happening around me, I numbed the intense feelings, thoughts, and stunted the processing that takes place when I write.

In this last year I have slowly been writing again. At first the thoughts, the words, the music started as a slow trickle, but then in the last couple of months it's been a full on downpour of songs that I think were always inside of me. It has been so healing for me. So many thoughts and feelings that were kept so deep have finally reached the surface, allowing the wounds of my soul to really heal. Music is powerful. Creativity is powerful. Having the combination of the two this last year has been such a game changer.

There have been many songs that have come out of me lately, but this is the one that led me to action. I knew after I wrote it and shared a clip of it that I needed to record it. I'm really happy with how it turned out and am so grateful I got to have my friend, Devin Barrus, produce it for me. I hope you enjoy it and that the message intended is conveyed. Follow the links below to purchase or add it to your library.

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